Impacts of Casinos in New Zealand

The participation in gambling in the General population has been 61.8% in the past 12 months. It is the result that said more than half of the population has engaged in lottery products alone. In contrast, the other gambling activities have lower engagement, whereas the race tracks have less than 10% betting.


Impacts on domains of life

There were logistic regressions used to assess the impact of gambling on the quality of life. The analytical study was done to know the demographic variables to isolate independent consequences of gambling like gender, age, marital status, education qualification, ethnicity, income, occupational status, and others prevalent to many of the heavy gamblers. The Income or loss measure proved that it is one of the sensitive measures to some of the life of domains. It has resulted in poor relationships with friends and family, and the quality of life and work performance has also steadily decreased.

Tourism impacts

Australia has given better and New tourist packages on the liberalisation on gambling. The engagement and the expenditure in Queensland gambling are higher when it is in the region of casinos. The majority of the spending comes from locals, but the tourists attract mainly to casinos. 2.5km is the average travelling area of people just 5o visit gaming venues. The reliable data required for assessing tourists’ attitudes, beneficiaries, and expenditure of the beneficiaries are absent, which is why it is preventing them.

Environment impacts

AIGR has researched casinos and found the impacts of two casinos in New Zealand and casinos in Queensland. The study found both positive and negative effects where the negative impact is felt during the construction phases, and the positive results have developed after construction is completed. Monitoring of the environmental impacts with effective negotiation between developers and local Councils can be achieved.

Economic impacts of casinos

The analysis of Lybrand and Coopers on the economic impacts of casinos in New Zealand found a lack of accurate data, which is imposed on significant constraints to make assessments on their ability. Using extrapolating from findings of Australian Productivity commission enquiry and econometric modelling, the reports of BERL showed the social costs and the economic benefits of casinos and gambling in New Zealand. Because of the assumptions built into their modes, the reports show the benefits of gaming are overestimated because of them.


Local community impacts

The local community has been benefited a lot from the casinos in New Zealand as they produce tremendous employment opportunities for job seekers. Different job designations are available where just an undergraduate certificate is all they need. Some of the jobs do not require any qualifications; just communication skills are enough to benefit from the employment. The salary package is not wrong either, and the locals are helping by casinos in a large quantity.

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